Argus Networking Services

The bulk of your infrastructure expense comes after installation in the form of maintenance and management. New problems, such as capacity and performance issues, can easily arise without continuous, expert assistance. When you outsource your network management and monitoring to Argus, we take complete responsibility for maintaining your network at peak levels of performance. Our experts continuously manage and monitor your network systems, solving problems before they impact your business, and your internal IT staff can stay focused on their core responsibilities.


Network Management Services


Argus  Network Monitoring Center is staffed and equipped to remotely monitor and manage your network systems and devices. We are equipped to manage all Cisco devices (routers, VPN concentrators, network IDS, PIX firewalls, and switches). We can also manage Check Point and Sonicwall firewalls. Our monitoring center takes responsibility for OS updates, bug fixes and patches, and changes made to the device (user rights, access rights, and passwords).


Link-State Monitoring

When you outsource your network management to Argus, our certified network experts will monitor your infrastructure 24/7/365 and rapidly detect, diagnose, and resolve any issues that threaten or impair performance.

Our center provides active link-state monitoring for any network device that is IP addressable and can accept an SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) trap, including:
Access servers
RMON probes
Intrusion detection devices
VPN devices
Integrated access devices
File servers
UPS appliances
Network printers

We continuously monitors connectivity and availability and begins troubleshooting any device problem immediately upon detection.

Incident Escalation and Online Report

The Monitoring center utilizes GFI network monitor and its related software to escalate link-state disruptive events throughout your organization as well as to the necessary carriers. Escalation activities are customized to meet your individual needs and organizational structure.

All information is stored in a database from which you can generate logs and historical data at any time through a secure portal/GUI. For each monitored device, we provide comprehensive statistics on availability, status, and detailed incident reporting (including time/date stamp and escalation details).



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